Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Radiation kills the DNA either directly or indirectly. The indirect method of DNA destruction is by passing charged particles of radiations which in turn would kill the DNA at later stage.
Medical scientists have found good usage of radiation in the treatment of cancers. But, there are a lot of disadvantages to this method of treatment. Sometime you need a good guess to succeed.
DNA = Genetic information carrier - it passes information of individuals to their offspring from generation to generation.

Natural treatment of Cancer

 Please see the electromagnetic spectrum diagram and full discussion at:
The Electromagnetic spectrum is naturally occurring radiations. We get them from the sun and naturally occurring charged particles. We can only see the visible spectrum which leaves us wondering about the gamma, X-rays, microwaves and the rest. Unfortunately little is mentioned if any of the possibility of utilizing the sun's radiations for the prevention of cancer rather medical scientists concentrates on the absorption of vitamin D from the sun. Cancer tumor comprises of cells and if the areas of the body that are prone to cancer sickness is exposed to sun before cancer sets in, there is the likelihood that the cells would be destroyed and no cancer would develop. We know that there are many causes of cancers but the fact remains that if natural radiations from the sun is consumed daily the chances are that the subject is applying preventive measure to cancer disease thus giving the body less chances of contacting the disease.